My Approach

I bring a lot of creative solutions and problem-solving skills to the table.

Irrespective of a big table or small table. Our focus will always be to bring you more growth and profits.

Our Story

Everyone has the same eyes but no one has the same view!

We want to provide distinctively different viewpoints, we can confidently vouch for that.

Payal Rastogi – Principal Consultant, Advisor, and Strategist.

25 years of industry experience. Multitasker, Writer! I have enjoyed working with many companies and in many cities and countries. I like technology and climate tech. Passionate about marketing, writing and climate change. Glad to help in your businesses. Being spiritual claircognizant helps in assessing and finding the right out of the box solutions or rather more suitable solutions.

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Insta/FB/Twitter : @payalsploy @hunchnotes @carbonfixers