All Digital/Cloud Based Apps must comply with India’s Law

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, twitter – makes billions from India as their revenue from ads, still they are not taxpaying entities in India. Users in India make all payments in dollars as remittances which goes to US accounts.

Digital World and Cyber Security
Digital World and Cyber Security

People received new privacy policy from you tube – which is mandatory for acceptance – do we have a choice?  No! Right! … here it is what it says ‘

—————-“YouTube’s right to monetize: YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform and ads may appear on videos from channels not in the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Royalty payments and tax withholding: For creators entitled to revenue payments, such payments will be treated as royalties from a U.S. tax perspective and Google will withhold taxes where required by law.

 Please make sure you read the updates to the Terms carefully. The new Terms will take effect on June 1, 2021 for users outside the U.S. By continuing to use YouTube after this date, you are agreeing to the new Terms.” —————————-

Same is the case for all apps.

We all use 100s of apps/software on cloud, where data and app does not reside on Indian Servers, though lot of data on Indian work is shared on those platforms.  I have personally come across many platforms in last 24 years where we have worked in the past and experienced it 1st hand.  The people who provide such app are spread out globally. Not necessarily residing in 1 country. All the payments are transacted in US dollars using various cloud based payment gateways.

India must look into all these factors for future proofing it’s data and privacy issues. We need stronger cyber security laws.

More robust security features are required on Data Centers and Data Privacy for all apps used in Indian jurisdiction.

Although ‘cloud’ is boundary less’ but countries are not boundary less, they all have laws. Laws differ for each countries and each app must comply with it. No matter what.  

We are the ‘IT Consultants’ of the world. India has been the strategic  ‘cost center’ for these large global companies. But they don’t operate like other retailers like IKEA or Amazon.  Such services companies and their boundaries need to be checked.

 and we need to make our own home secure. Now.

It’s a digital world. India has made a huge progress in last 6-7 years. Its time to set more stringent rules.

We are under no obligation to social service global companies at the cost of ‘not bothered about laws in india’

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