Lessons from Afghan mess.

For the World, India and USA. Lessons learnt from this Afghan mess not only for USA but for India and related organizations.

This war is an example – it shows how a useless lazy leader can kill the country. Ashraf Ghani got lazy with USA aid money and started misusing it for sympathy and got more aid money from global resources. Ghani got lazy for the fact that USA will manage and keep the country secure.

USA should have left long ago. Staying in any country for more than 1 -2 years I think is a waste. If Existing government or any new leader doesn’t change the systems within 1 or 2 year maximum, such plan must be aborted or the strategy must be changed.

Taliban never left the Afghanistan. They were always there slowly and gradually expanding. Right! This mapping shows how quickly they captured the cities: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/8/15/afghanistan-mapping-the-advance-of-the-taliban-interactive

What a waste of USA resources… Militarily and Financially.

20 years wasted and we still couldn’t secure the women and children of Afghanistan. What was Mr. Ghani doing other than collecting aid money. UN human rights haven’t been much active in this region and I wonder why?

Last 20 years we saw American wars. Now China and Russia are also feeling; egotistically rather; competitive and are wide awake to challenge, counter, support and expand its ally bases. They are quick and opportunist too.

Taliban wouldn’t have done this without china’s help and aid. This quick surge was planned . May be China and Taliban decided immediately the moment USA said it will withdraw.

Afghanistan will be happy to continue growing Opium and related businesses. Let’s not forget it’s power.

Asia will have an impact and India is going to have another challenge . This entire Himalayan territory or Himalayan regions will become a war zone.

India must immediately increase its strength up north. India must be more business like now, I think we can afford to negotiate better now. India is in between and close to this mess. India needs to be careful to not get sandwiched!

I think this event will change the global geo politics. How much and how bad it will be, we need to keep a watch.

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